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  • The first TURBO-X personal computer is assembled to the preferences of each of our customers.


  • The first ever sales through catalogs in the Greek market are made by Plaisio catalogs. A Plaisio Computers catalogue is in every home and office with delivery of items within 24 hours.


  • The first organized business sales department. Every business customer of ours, has its own contact in Plaisio Computers, who offers a completely personal service.


  • The first consistent online store in the Greek market.
  • Plaisio Computers is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.


  • The first technology superstore in Greece. A three-level space of 2,500 sq.m. is created in theMetamorfosi area.


  • The first Plaisio store is established in Bulgaria, marking a new era of multinational activity of the Company.


  • The modern logistics and distribution center starts its operation in 22,500 square meters, in Magoula, Attica.


  • Turbo-X celebrates 30 years of presence in the Greek market.
  • Plaisio is distinguished as one of the ten Best Workplaces in Greece by the Great Place to Work organization.
  • Also, aiming at the even better service of business customers, Plaisio creates a new site, which is addressed only to this special category of


  • The identity of the Plaisio store is redefined. Plaisio opens a new “superstore” (relocation) of 2,260 sq.m. in Agia Paraskevi. It expands its network with the 23rd store in Greece, specifically with a 1,400 sq.m. store in Chania, Crete.


  • The Company celebrates 50 years of presence in the Greek market.
  • Plaisio opens a new department store in P. Ralli of 3,000 sq.m., which is the 24th branch of the Group in Greece.
  • From 2019, the availability of white goods in selected stores begins.


Group Structure

PLAISIO COMPUTERS JSC PLAISIO COMPUTERS JSC is active in the market of personal computers, office supplies and telecommunications equipment. It is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, at 5 Angel Kantcef Street. It was founded in 2004 and started operating in June 2005. Its share capital amounts to one million two hundred and fifty seven thousand and forty six euros (€ 1,257,046) and is 100% owned by PLAISIO COMPUTERS Commercial & Industrial S.A.
PLAISIO REAL ESTATE S.A. The company PLAISIO S.A. REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT has its headquarters in the municipality of Kifissia, at 88 Vas. Othonos Street, and it is registered in the Register of public limited liability companies of the Prefecture of East Attica with number 45649 / 01AT / B / 00/137. According to its statute, the purpose of it, is the purchase, acquisition, trade, construction, formation, sale, exploitation, management and development of any form and type of real estate. Its share capital amounts to five million four hundred thirty five thousand six hundred and twenty euros (5,435,620.00 €) and is divided into one hundred eighty five thousand two hundred (185,200) common registered shares. PLAISIO COMPUTERS Commercial & Industrial S.A. holds a percentage of 20% of the share capital of PLAISIO REAL ESTATE S.A.
PLAISIO ESTATE JSC The company PLAISIO ESTATE JSC is active in the purchase, acquisition, marketing, construction, design, sale, exploitation, management, and development of any type of real estate. Its headquarters are located in Sofia, Bulgaria, at 5 Angel Kantcef Street. The share capital of the company amounts to one million fifty eight thousand € (1,058,000.00 €) and is held at a rate of 20% by PLAISIO COMPUTERS Commercial & Industrial S.A.
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