Code of Corporate Governance

Code of Corporate Governance

The term “Corporate Governance” describes the way with which companies are managed and controlled. Corporate Governance is stipulated as a system of relationships between the management of the Company, the Board of Directors, the shareholders and other interested parts and constitutes the structure through which the targets of the company are set, the main risks are identified, the means to achieve the set targets and to control the risks are defined and the observation of the performance of the management is monitored. 
Effective corporate governance holds a substantial and primary role to the advancement of competitiveness of companies, to the reinforcement of internal structure and the development of innovative actions, while the increased transparency it offers has as a result the improvement of overall transparency of economic activity of private businesses, public organizations and institutions, with obvious benefits for the shareholders, as well as the investment public. 
On October 2013, the new Code of Corporate Governance was published. This Code was drafted at the initiative of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), and was later on amended, in the context of its first review by the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council (HCGC).
The Hellenic Corporate Governance Council, was founded in 2012 and is the result of synergy of the Hellenic Exchanges Group (HELEX) and the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) that together recognized the contribution of corporate governance to the continuous enhancement of the Greek corporate institutional framework and broader business environment and also to the increase of reliability of the Greek market. Hence, since then HCGC works towards this direction. 

Disclosure of willing compliance of the Company with the Code of Corporate Governance
In our country the framework of corporate governance has been developed mainly via the adoption of mandatory legislation or regulation, according to 3016/2002 as it stands today, which mandates among others the participation of non-executives and independent non-executives on the boards of Greek listed companies, as well as the establishment of an internal control function and the adoption of internal charters. Moreover, a number of other later laws such as 4449/2017, which mandates the creation of Audit Committees and Law 3884/2010 on the rights of shareholders, which includes further obligations regarding disclosure of information to shareholders, prior to General Meetings, transposed several European directives in the area of the company law, for the protection and effective updating of the whole of the shareholders. Moreover, the Law 3873/2010 incorporates into Greek legislation the EU Directive 2006/46/EC, operating as a reminder of the need for establishment of a Corporate Governance Code and being simultaneously the cornerstone of the Code. Finally, with the structural reform of the corporate law (l. 4548/2018), significant provisions of Corporate Governance for the remuneration policy (articles 110-112) has been incorporated, based on the Directive (EU) 2017/828. These provisions apply since 01.01.2019. 
Our Company is in full compliance with the above mentioned laws. At this point the company states that it adopts as CGC the Code of Corporate Governance of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council (HCGC) (available at, following the “comply or explain” approach. 
The Company states that it conforms to all legal obligations (law 4548/2018, law 3016/2002 and law 4449/2017). These obligations embody the minimum of any Corporate Governance Code, for listed companies. An important addition to the new Corporate Governance Code is the adoption of the standard of non-compliance of the Company with special practices of the Code. This means that the new Code follows the rule of “comply or explain” and requires from listed companies that choose to imply it, to publish their intentions and either comply with the whole of the Code’s special practices, or explain the reasons of non-compliance with specific provisions. 

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